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Step 1
First click on the customize button
Chrome Step 1
Step 2
Then point to Tools and click Clear browsing data in the new popped out menu.
Chrome Step 2
Step 3
Select an option from the dropdown menu, according to which time of period you want to clear your data. Then check the following checkboxes: Clear browsing history, Clear download history, Empty the cache, Delete coockies and other site and plug-in data
After you checked the boxes click on Clear browsing data and the cache is cleared.
Chrome Step 3

Force Refresh Chrome

Most times a simple force refresh will do the trick, you can accomplish this with the following key combinations:
Shift + Ctrl + F5

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Step by step video on how to refresh your cache

Click the play button to see a step by step guide how to clear the cache for Internet Explorer 7

Check other versions of Chrome

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