Just as indoor fitness became the norm in the past year, so did the daily wearing of our sports bras. Now that we can finally return to the spin studio and the gym, we can't wait to add more of this fit kit to our sportswear wardrobe.

After working, eating, playing and exercising in our sports bras for the past few months, many of our favorite designs are now looking tired, worn and in need of replacement. But which type of sports bra is right for you?

From finding the right levels of support to getting a style that makes you feel comfortable and chic, we've done some of the heavy lifting for you and put the best sports bras to the test to find the right designs for every workout and any body type.

Which type of summer sports bra in 2021 is best?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing this crucial piece of clothing, but first you need to decide what you want a sports bra for. For example, if you're an outdoor runner, you'll need one with more support than if you're a dedicated yogi.

For high-impact workouts, choose between a compression bra that pushes everything into place or an encapsulated bra that supports each breast individually; which of these styles you prefer will depend on your cup size and body type, so it's worth trying a few first if you're not sure. Racerback straps also take the support provided to the next level.

Prefer mat-based activities? Look for a bra that doesn't have too many features on the back that can dig and interrupt your zen. You want to feel supported and comfortable, but not restricted.


The support levels in a sports bra

When you go shopping for a sports bra, you often have a choice of different intensity or support levels. This can be, for example, four levels. Support level 1 then stands for: low. This is intended for low impact sports such as walking, yoga and Pilates. Do you prefer fitness, cycling or skiing? Then the sports bras with support level 2: medium are for you. For these sports you need a little more support, because your chest moves up and down a bit. Do you play sports such as hockey, tennis, horseback riding or a running sports bra (translated to Dutch: sport bh hardlopen)? Then you need a sports bra with support level 3: high. Finally, there are the sports bras with support level 4: extreme. These are there for the ultimate support during extremely intensive sports such as boxing. These sports bras ensure minimal movement of the breasts. Also when you are pregnant you should wear a maternity bra (translated to Dutch: zwangerschaps bh) during sports or after sports. 

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